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“History consists, for the greater part, of the miseries brought upon the world by pride, ambition, avarice, revenge, lust, sedition, hypocrisy, ungoverned zeal, and all the train of disorderly appetites… These vices are the causes of those storms. Religion, morals, laws, prerogatives, privileges, liberties, rights of men, are the pretexts. The pretexts are always found in some specious appearance of a real good.”

About the books

The Anglo-Boer War 963 Days Set, consists of two books, available in printed and e-book format:

  1. A 410 page main volume
  2. A 50 page addendum, Maps, Facts & Stats
Anglo boer-war book

The main volume

Pages: 410
Format: A4 Soft cover or e-book

This is a chronology - a concise, day by day, blow by blow account of the eleven months preceding the ultimatum and the 963 days from the start of hostilities to the final peace treaty. The book relates the political and military events of the Anglo-Boer War in strict chronological order with daily diary type entries and small cameo type portraits of the main characters. The entries are grouped under regional, campaign and other headings, enabling the reader to follow specific events, campaigns and other aspects of the war. Where possible, direct quotations from speeches, letters, telegrams, etc., have been used to keep events ‘live’ - as seen through the eyes of the participants. ‘Trivia’ entries record other events during the period to give a wider historical perspective, placing the war in a world-wide setting.

The book covers
  • The origins of the conflict; the issues; the agitation; the peace efforts and the ultimatum.
  • The first Republican offensive; the famous sieges; the British counter-offensive resulting in ‘Black Week’.
  • The second British offensive; the lifting of the sieges and the occupation of the Republican capitals.
  • The specious British victory and the first attempts to ‘mop up’ pockets of resistance.
  • The Republican revival; the start of unconventional warfare and the initial British countermeasures.
  • The British ‘scorched earth’ & ‘clearing the country’ campaign; the blockhouses and the concentration camps.
  • The Bitter End and the peace negotiations.
Anglo-boer war maps

Maps, Facts & Stats Annexure

Pages: 50
Format: A4 Soft cover or e-book

Based on extensive research, using numerous sources, this collection contains:

  • General Notes: Essential information required when visiting battlefields or researching campaigns.
  • 3 Coloured Diagrams: The Composition of a British Infantry Division; Anglo-Boer War Rifles and Artillery.
  • 2 Coloured General Maps: Southern Africa – The ‘Seat of the War’; The War in Global Context.
  • 5 Coloured Campaign Maps: The First Republican Offensive; Field Marshal Roberts’ Campaign;
  • The Guerrilla Phase; The Blockhouse System; The Concentration Camps.
  • 25 Coloured Battle Maps: The Famous Sieges; The ‘Black Week’ battles and all the key Battles of the war.
  • The De Wet ‘Hunts'; The Second Republican Offensive; Smuts’ Invasion; Kitchener’s ‘Drives’.
  • 8 Fact Sheets: The Balance of Forces; The Butcher’s Bill (Casualties); The Innocents.
  • The Republican Forces; The Commandos; The Rank and Command Structure.
  • The British and Imperial Units involved in the War.
  • The British and Imperial Cemeteries in South Africa.

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Format: The Anglo-Boer War 963 Days Set, consists of two A4 format books:
  1. A 410 page soft cover main volume
  2. A 50 page addendum, Maps, Facts & Stats
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The Anglo-Boer War 963 Days

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Maps, Stats and Facts

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